the online shop is currently on a break - if you like to buy something please send a mail via the contact page - der online shop macht gerade eine Pause - Anfragen zum Kauf bitte per Mail über die contact Seite


1. A piece I like is out of stock in the online shop. Will it come back?

All of my pieces are uniquely handmade and exist only once. So if something is out of stock it won’t come back. I recreate the main designs and colours, but the body and / or breast shapes will be different. There is just so much to picture, it would be boring to do the same thing over and over again.

2. Can you create a piece according to my wishes?

I do occasionally take commissions but am currently fully booked. I'm very sorry about that.

3. Are the pieces waterproof? 

Yes they are. Twice fired and glazed on the inside, all my pieces are waterproof. Therefore they can hold liquids and can be used as planters or vases. 

4. How do I clean a piece if necessary?

I recommend washing the pieces by hand. Clean with a sponge, some soap and warm water - just like any other dish you'd clean after use. 

5. To which countries do you ship items?

Standard orders from my online shop are currently only possible to all EU countries. 

6. How much is shipping to my country?

Shipping to Germany: 5€ 
Shipping to other EU countries: 14€ 

7. Can I return a piece if it's not as I expected it to be?

Yes, you can return a piece if you're not happy with it within 14 days. I will transfer the value of goods back to you, if the piece arrives back at my studio in the same condition as you've received it. As an independent artist I can not offer free returns, so you would have to pay for the return shipment.
To avoid returns please read the description of each piece where you can find information about the size and surface. If you're not sure about something, you're welcome to get in touch. I'm happy to help you finding the right piece and provide you with more information or pictures.

8. What happens if there's a breakage after shipping?

I always make sure that each piece is wrapped very well and safe for transportation. Unfortunately breakages can still occur. Therefore I will cover any breakages, which happen during transportation and will give you a refund.
I send all goods via insured shipping. In order to have the value of the goods reimbursed by the shipping company, the goods must be handed over directly to the shipping company. So please do not send the item back to me straight away but get in touch with me via Mail, so I could let you know which steps you’d have to follow.