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The focus of my work is on the representation of the female body in all its facets.
Especially in the context of social media and the advertising industry there is often an idealisation
and standardisation of body images. We are used to see the bodies of white, young, slender women.
Body shapes which differ from this image remain very often invisible. 
By making underrepresented features visible, I hope to illustrate their beauty and
encourage a healthier approach on how we perceive our own body and the bodies of others.  

Inspired by the beauty of individual, physical characteristics, I create ceramic sculptures entirely by hand and
without the use of a potter's wheel. This work process allows me to create irregular, organic shapes. 
To create smooth skin-like surfaces, I use different types of clay which resemble different skin colours and
leave them either unglazed or glaze them transparently. 

I work in different scales and depict different sections and areas of bodies. Some of my works show
a more realistic illustration of the female body, others are imaginative interpretations. Each of my pieces is unique.
To underline this, every single one receives its own name. 

Twice fired and glazed on the inside, all my pieces are waterproof and can be used as pots or vases.